The ecological products of the Pharmacy.

The Babu brand is born out of the belief that we can and must create new solutions for the current needs of all of us. Nothing better than using products that are manufactured with materials that do not jeopardize biodiversity and ecosystem preservation. It is on this vision that Babu begins, a brand that begins with bamboo toothbrushes, a true ecological alternative. Babu are not only the most beautiful, the best and the only environmentally friendly, they are the future.

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Since its foundation, Disna has had its main slogan the creation of a brand valued and reinforced by the high quality of its products. With a very diverse line, you can find the most varied accessories for body care.

Disna Pharma proposes a wide range of articles of guaranteed quality for your Pharmacy.
Sharp objects made in Germany (Solingen).

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Iap Pharma

Iap Pharma Pharmacy perfumes guarantee you the highest quality, in different formats and at desirable prices. Iap Pharma seeks to provide the public with a quality, dynamic and up-to-date line.

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Manasul has a line of infusions issued for digestive health, they are effective with an ecological aspect, with the highest quality, always respecting the environment. These infusions are healthy and organic and improve well-being, looking for soothing, digestive, detoxifying and antioxidant.

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APP Britos